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Guide "contests Likes" - creative ways to achieve the desired facebook's likes:

(This article was translated from Hebrew using "Google translate")

Latest article on Facebook Likes Competition - Advantages and disadvantages method discussed those Likes Competitions
And the benefits and drawbacks of this method (the full list of articles that we wrote can click the Guide Specials )

In short, the Likes competitions is the most common method for creating marketing activities on Facebook.
These competitions are creative marketing campaigns where the advertiser creates a competitive arena in which users are asked to perform any task such as raising post a picture, movie, etc., and then the participant is required to collect from his friends lots of clicks on the "like button" (or common name "Like") adjacent to the post.

These contest winner (usually) is that the one gained the greatest amount of clicks.

Experience has taught us that to win is thought to have several hundred Likes to get at least
And large prizes numbers may reach even several thousands of different compressions.

Ok, so the first mission station and published suppose post lights, or raising the required image,
And now all his / her need is to get as many clicks to win the coveted award. What to do ...

A. First Like could be .... We ...
Anyone wishing to post appropriate in sweepstakes site profile facebook application Blake
We'll try to respond to the request if possible within 24 hours.
This is true for a few hundred applications have already been answered, there's no reason you / God will not be next.
(It is important not to ask Likes Chat, email, post on the wall or any other way except through the post above).
Lake One already has ...

B. Second Like can be ... You ...
It is possible, indeed necessary, click Licq yourself on your mission, unless stated explicitly in policies
Competition it should not. Also you can love what you wrote not only to us.
Likes already have two ...

C. friends, friends, and more friends
Send to your friends on Facebook mail with a request to shake. Send to your friends outside of Facebook with a request to click, sent to family members, neighbors, brothers, sisters, grandparents, an application to Lake ... Understand you?
If possible they lived requests chat (built-in Facebook) and email experience,
These requests are answered faster.
Facilitated your friends and send them a direct link to avoid as much as possible asking them to locate the appropriate entry using a treasure hunt. Not hard to find the direct link to post. It exists in your profile!
Direct link to shorten the task of pressing for them and therefore increase the willingness to do so.
Important: stressed that the process takes a few seconds!

D. "I traded Likes"
Enter the other competitions where you do not participate (why in fact you do not participate ?...)
Press affirmatively choosing of the contestants on Like, and write them in return you'll be glad to Lake them.
Avoid threats! Things like if you do not press me, put the Like shook you, is not effective,
And makes unwillingness to help.
Important: Not all of them will return in the press, so there is a number game.
Click as many candidates as many competitions, and updates them.
Note: Recently more and more advertisers are developing resentment towards surfers who adopt this method to disqualification
Applicants and their removal from the team. Think twice if you join a trend worth "I traded Hliyakim"

E. Post front page of your competition
You'd be surprised how many people forget this simple thing. Every competition has a wall (WALL). Entries sent with your link and ask them to shake you about Like, promised to return click back. Be sure that post is the beginning of your page. If need be erased from the post and then once again sent a message to ...
Note: Many contests organizers consider this task as spam and may act against it and against you
Read the rules in advance, keep it, polite and make sure were to get permission from the organizers!

F. Likes groups
There are many groups that their job to bring together people who need Likes, help these groups in your favor
Join groups and have published their page request to Like and Lake of course promised to return.
Several groups, for example:
New: pressed for pressers
LIKE foR like
Tolerant toward
Mutual aid competition on the internet
Gimme Like - Like

G. Competitions foreign Likes
Competitions Likes It was not an Israeli invention surprisingly ... The world has a lot of competitions,
And there are looking for who press the likes for them.
Turned to these competitions (example competition is popular among surfers in recruiting foreign Likes
Is that competition from Malaysia, but there are competitions in China, Portugal, Spain and others to ...) Click to Lake
And be sure to add a post (in English of course) with a request to Lake exchange. The potential of this method is great ...

H. Fictitious profiles, under any circumstances - not!
There are con artists who are building fake profiles  (profiles no real person behind them, and the exclusive role
Is one more artificial Like) just to increase clicks for them.
This method is unacceptable and should not be used.
Moreover, quite easy to imagine these profiles, and may even lead Lfsiltcm.

Good luck ....

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